Artist Statement
In my work, I compose visions that reveal nature as a beacon of sacred, inscrutable magic that unfolds layers of beauty and truth. I look to nature as a mirror and a mentor that communicates a profound wisdom beneficial to humanity.

I am inspired by deep ecology, plant intelligence, vibrational fields, sacred geometry and organic patterns. I marry these ideas with the medium of ink to create a distinctive visual experience. In exploring the hidden complexities of nature, I seek to uncover underlying truths of existence and to connect viewers to a remembrance of their roots.


About wonderharvest

wonderharvest currently resides in Taos, New Mexico. The genesis of her art took place over a five year span living in the Sierra Nevada wilderness in Northern California, where she spent long stretches of time camping, meditating and hiking in the backcountry. This time defined a distinct voice and understanding of the transcendence of nature that is communicated through her ink illustrations.

From those artistic beginnings, wonderharvest has sought out other inspirational landscapes and ecosystems from which to channel her art: the forests and coast of the Pacific Northwest, the jungles of Belize and Costa Rica, the volcanic highlands of Guatemala, and the deserts of the southwest United States and Mexico. wonderharvest regularly shares her art at galleries and transformational art & music festivals around the USA and Central America, where greater conversations about consciousness, ecological intelligence and sustainable culture are taking place.